Summer activities like camping and swimming take a toll on your home’s appliances. They need to be able to handle a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels as well as regular use.

Having a home service agreement in Durham NC helps protect you from costly mechanical breakdowns due to normal wear and tear.

Appliance Repair

Appliance Service of Durham NC provides reliable appliance repair for a variety of appliances including refrigerators, washing machines and dryers. Our factory trained technicians will get your appliances back up and running quickly and effectively.

The appliances in your home play an important role in keeping you comfortable and allowing you to do your daily tasks. Without them, you’d find it difficult to make meals, wash clothes or keep your home clean.

When your appliances start to break down, you need to take action fast to avoid damage and costly repairs. The best thing to do is to contact an appliance repair professional who can assess your appliances, determine the cause of your issue and help you decide if it’s better to fix or replace them.

An appliance technician is responsible for repairing, servicing and installing household appliances. They also perform general maintenance work and ensure appliances are operating properly. Typically, they operate on-site or in repair shops.

Refrigerator Repair

A sluggish refrigerator is a recipe for wasted time, money and frustration. Thankfully, the professionals at Appliance Service of Durham NC are here to help. Their fridge repair services are fast, friendly and effective, saving you both time and money in the process. Plus, they’re happy to answer any questions you may have about their work and the appliance industry in general.

The best part? They’ll only charge you for what they estimate they’ll need to complete your job. Unlike some other service providers, they won’t make you feel like you’re being fleeced for unnecessary services or repairs. Their upfront pricing is also the most transparent and they’ll let you know exactly what to expect before they leave your home or office. If you’re looking for the best in home appliance service in the Triangle, give them a call today. You’ll be glad you did! And, be sure to take advantage of their coveted yearly specials for customers with an American Home Shield branded home warranty.

Washing Machine Repair

The washing machine is a high-tech appliance that’s designed to clean your clothes without much human intervention. That means it’s also a very complex machine that can break down or malfunction at any time.

Some of these problems can be fixed by a do-it-yourselfer, but only if you have the tools and know-how to make a repair yourself. If the problem is more complicated, however, it’s best to call a professional washer repair technician like those at Appliance Service of Durham NC.

For instance, if you hear a humming or buzzing noise coming from your washer, it may indicate that something is stuck in its pump. That can be fixed by removing the item and cleaning it out with some pliers.

Similarly, if your washing machine is making thumping, grinding or thunking sounds during the agitation cycle, those could be caused by worn-out tub bearings. They need to be lubricated regularly, too. If you can’t fix the problem yourself, you can also call a professional washer repair service to replace these parts.

Dryer Repair

The dryer is a relatively simple machine that uses a fuel source to heat the air and a motor and fan to blow it around. However, the machine can sometimes malfunction and require the assistance of a technician.

If you notice that your clothes take longer than usual to dry or stop drying during the cycle, check for lint build-up in the lint filter and make sure the exhaust duct and vent are clear of debris. This can help speed up the drying process and save you money by reducing the number of loads you have to do.

If you hear a humming sound coming from the dryer when it is running, the idler pulley or drum support rollers may be worn out. This can be repaired by removing the back access panel and examining them for signs of wear or damage.